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Fiduciary Management Group

Your trusted financial advisor.

fiduciary | fi·du·cia·ry | noun

A person or organization that owes to another the duties of good faith and trust.

Ready to Experience a Higher Standard?

There's a reason why we placed fiduciary at the beginning of our name. As a fee-only independent advisory firm, we take our fiduciary responsibility seriously. 

Fiduciary Management Group was formed with the single goal of working with our clients the way we'd want our own money handled: free of conflict, undisclosed fees and product sales.

Being a Fiduciary Means:

fiduciary financial advisor, Minneapolis, fiduciary management group

We have a legal obligation to act in your best interests, always.

fiduciary financial planner, Minneapolis, fiduciary management group

We do not sell products or receive compensation from recommended investments.

fiduciary wealth management, Minneapolis, fiduciary management group

We avoid conflicts of interest at all costs and if conflicts do arise we'll disclose those immediately.

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Who We Help

Pre-Retirees & Retirees

From helping to secure your legacy to maintaining your lifestyle, we’ll help you make the smartest decisions moving forward so you can live out your dream retirement, on your own terms.

Small Business Owners

Whether you need help designing a competitive 401(k) plan or simply want a better return on your investments, we can help ensure all the bases are covered while you grow and expand your business.


Each one of your lives are inherently intertwined. We'll help untangle the web so you have a clear plan of action to achieve your goals and live the life you’ve always envisioned.


You need someone you can trust — someone who can focus on the details, collaborate with your various partners and provide you with a clear plan of action. That’s exactly what we do.

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